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Makedonski Brod
Makedonski Brod (native: Македонски Брод) is a town in the central part of the country, on the south-eastern part of Suva Gora, western Karadzica and south-western Dautica mountains. The town is the seat of Makedonski Brod Municipality.
Makedonski Brod is one of the smallest towns in Macedonia. It is located in the region of Poreche and is the centre of the region. The town lies on the banks of the upper region of the river Treska.
In the town and its vicinity a large number of churches were built, among which are the town's church St. Mary, St. Dimitrius in the village of Trebino, St. Nicholas in the village of Plasnica, etc.
Makedonski Brod municipality has 7,141 inhabitants.
Makedonski Brod