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Vinica (native: Виница) is a town in the Macedonia, in the eastern region of the country.
The name Vinica is derived from word Vine (Vino), since the city was formerly noted for its vineyards. On terracota icons found in Vinichko Kale, the name of town is noted as Vinea or Vince.
The town is located under the mountain of Plachkovica, in the southeastern part of the Kochansko - Vinichka valley. It covers the northern part of the river Bregalnica sinks. Town is known for its historic Roman fortress, Vinichko Kale, situated on a hill overlooking the modern town.
According to the last National census from 2002, Vinica municipality has 19.938 inhabitants (18.261 Macedonians, 1.230 Roma, and others).