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History of the city of Resen
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This beautiful town in the Vardar valley has rich and interesting past. The settlement existed and developed in the antique period, about the third century BC, under the name of Antigonia or Antigonea. It was founded by the Macedonian king Antigon Gonat, in the period between 278-242 BC. After conquering Peonia, he conquered the setlments araound the middle part of the river Vardar. In his name, the settlment that he founded was called Antigonia (Antigonea).
The material data and the legends say that Antigonia, predecessor of Resen, was situated 12 Roman miles south from the antique town Stobi, on the road to Thesaloniki, at the today's place of Gradiste, by the railway station of Resen. At this place coins with faces of Roman smperors were found, as well as precious jewelry and other archeological findings from the period of Roman and Byzantium reign. The ancient town existed until the VI century when it was destroyed by a disastrous earthquake which hit almost all of the territory of Macedonia. It was then the other antique towns were also destroyed by the catastrophe: Skupi, Stobi, Heraklea, Astibo, Idomena...
In X and XI century Resen was part of the First Macedonian independent country - country of Tsar Samuil.
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Resen Resen Resen Resen Resen Resen Resen
The valley of the Vardar and the Negotinian area got under the Turkish authority in 1385 in the time of the conquering trek of Timurtash Pasha. During the Turkish empire Ali Pasha - Janinski reactivated the fortress because very near, on the right side of the river Vardar, was the road Skopje - Thesaloniki. At the Canyon passage his soldiers collected payments from the tradesmen.
In the first years of XIX century Resen was Bey's grange, made of about 30 houses. At the area of today's Resen Kazim-bey and Kantur-bey had their granges where Macedonian people worked.
In 1821, the rich bey Hadji Tair built a clock tower, a mosque and a covered market place with about 15 stores. So the settlment started to grow. Merchants and craftsmen from the surrounding places began to settle in it. Resen was first mentioned as a town in 1837 when a church and a school were built in it. The merchandise was trasported to Thesaloniki on rafts using the river Vardar which was sailable from Veles to the Aegean sea.
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Resen Resen Resen        
Such a black period for Resen is the period from the Balkan wars 1913-1918 when the town of Resen is burned to the ground on several occasions, people are scattered away and meny of them gave their lives defending their town. There were periods when brothers fought against each other, one on the side of one force and the other on the side of the opposite force. It is a period when the people in the town very ofthen changed the inflections on their surnames, when the men coming back from one war, not even seeng their close famaly, went to anotherwar others state interests.
Resen is rich with historical events, events which alter the town's destiny, and which complement each other.
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